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Cannabis Growing Tips

LED Grow Lights CannabisHow To Grow With LED

   It is no longer in question if LED Grow Lights will work for cannabis, it is just a matter of yield and making sure you find the best LED Grow Lights for cannabis. In this article, we break down exactly what growers need to do from start to finish to be sure to get the best yield possible.

Cost To Grow CannabisWhat’s It Cost To Grow An Ounce Of Cannabis?

   Even brand new growers can successfully grow their own personal supply of cannabis at home. With retail costs per ounce exceeding $400 in some locations, growing at home may be the only way medicinal patients can afford their medicine. The truth is that whether you grow for medicine or recreational use, growing your own can be economical if you follow these tips.

Cannabis YieldIncrease Cannabis Yield 30%

   Growing a cannabis plant and training it properly to get you maximum yields is what every grower wants to do. But there are as many (or more) tips, tricks, techniques, and opinions about how to accomplish that goal as there are indoor cannabis growers. Whether you have one plant or 1000, here are some tips, tricks, and techniques to get the biggest yields while maintaining quality.

How To ScrOG CannabisHow To ScrOG Cannabis Plants For Bigger Yields

   Every grower from beginner to commercial cannabis operations have to deal with space limitations. Here is a way to extract higher quantities of high quality cannabis by training your plants for maximum yield in as little space as possible.

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

   Our lights provide 100% of the Light Spectra needed for efficient Photosynthesis. Whether using Horticultural Lighting as a supplement to natural light or as the primary source of lighting for your plants, growing with LED is fun and easy. We provide unlimited free support to our clients to ensure their grows are the most productive while reducing peripheral costs such as electricity and nutrient consumption. Support is provided via Phone, Email, and even on-site consultations with complete Photometric Analysis.

Why Buy LED Grow Lights From Us?

   TruWatt™ Technology: BigBud does not play marketing games when it comes to the power ratings of our lights. We sell our lights based on Actual Wattage, not some over-inflated raw diode wattage like our competitors. Some companies like to surprise their customers by selling them a 1000 watt light but delivering a light that only puts out 500 watts or less. This means that when you buy our BBL1000, 1000 Watt LED Grow Light, you will get a light that delivers all 1000 watts of pure plant-growing power.

Cannabis LED Grow Lights   TruBand™ Technology: There is a reason that plants grow so well and show prolific flowering under BigBud LED systems – Accuracy. Plants experience their peak growth when given the proper wavelengths of light that correspond to photosynthetic pigments. If those wavelengths are off by more than 1%, a grower could end up with a 1lb yield instead of a 2lb+ yield. Accuracy and Precision is what makes plants fall in love with our lights.

The Best LED Grow Lights For Cannabis Are Here

So Who Is Our Ideal Customer?

   Individuals, Commercial Growers, Sustainable Gardeners, Cannabis Growers (cannabis seeds), Personal Self-Reliance, and even the Hobbyist all enjoy what our lights can provide. We are now selling to both Individuals and Commercial Accounts and our Support Team is ready to assist in layout and design for your Grow. Happy Gardening from BigBud LED.

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